PBY Catalina ex USAAF     OA-10  Serial 44-34085

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Manufacturer: Consolidated (Canadian Vickers)
Year Built: 1943
Construction No: CV 332
Current Reg: CC-CDT
Previous Reg: 
Last Military Serial no: USAAF 44-34085

Year: 1943

Serial Number: CV-332 

Airframe Hours 7.193
Engines: Make/Model: PRATT & WHITNEY / R-1830-92
Serial Number: #1 43-99532 #2 CP304804
Hours: #1 = 243 & #2 = 127
Make/Model: HAMILTON STANDARD / 23E50-505/6477A-0
Serial Number: #1 - 53134 #2 - 76154
Hours: #1 = 232  &  #2 = 164
Price: $450,000 US. 

We are proud to offer to the market this superb PBY Catalina 5A.

Approximately 3,300 PBY aircraft were built and during World War II, PBYs were used in anti-submarine warfarepatrol bombingconvoy escortsearch and rescue missions (especially air-sea rescue), and cargo transport.

The type operated in nearly all operational theatres of World War II. The Catalina served with distinction and played a prominent and invaluable role in the war against the Japanese.

These patrol planes shared with land based patrol bombers the combat roles while the very long range Consolidated LB-30 and the Consolidated Coronado were pressed into service to increase the all important logistic strategic air lift capability in the vast Pacific theater. The pairings allowed the Catalina to take on the role of eyes of the fleets at longer ranges than the float plane scouts.

Several different flying boats were adopted by the Navy, but the PBY was the most widely used and produced.

Although slow and ungainly, Catalinas distinguished themselves in World War II. Allied forces used them successfully in a wide variety of roles for which the aircraft was never intended. PBYs are remembered for their rescue role, in which they saved the lives of thousands of aircrew downed over water. Catalina airmen called their aircraft the "Cat" on combat missions and "Dumbo" in air-sea rescue service 


1944 - Constructed as a PBV-1A by Canadian Vickers.

Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Navy with BuNo 67844.
Not taken up.

1944 - Converted to an OA-10A by Canadian Vickers.

1944 - Taken on Strength/Charge with the United States Army Air Force with s/n 44-33880.

18 May 1945 - Crashed.

1950 - Aircraft repaired using fuselage of USAAF 44-34085 cn CV-596.

Circa 1950 - Certificate of airworthiness for N1933M (PBY-5A, 332) issued.

1950 - To Aero Corp, Atlanta, GA with c/r N1933M.

14 May 1951 - Civil registration, N1933M, cancelled.
Exported to Iceland.

15 May 1951 - Civil registration, N1933M, cancelled.
Exported to Iceland.

1951 - To Loftleidir with c/r TF-RVR.

July 1952 - To Maritime Central Airways with c/r CF-FKV.

To Wheeler Airlines. - Circa 1966

To UTA with c/r F-WMKS.

Taken on Strength/Charge with the Marine Nationale with s/n 32 and operated with these markings: 32.
Used callsign F-YCHB.

1974 - To Roberto Parrague, with c/r CC-CDT.


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