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PBY 5A Catalina Project $350,000 US

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Manufacturer: Consolidated (Canadian Vickers) CASNO
Year Built: 1942
Construction No: CV 264
Current Reg: N983CF
Previous Reg: C-FPQK
Last Military Serial no: RCAF 9830
Price: $350,000 US. 

We are proud to offer to the market this superb PBY Catalina project. The PBY CAT is a highly desirable and popular aircraft. This PBY is currently stored disassembled in Florida, USA. The engines are in storage with Anderson Aeromotive, Idaho whilst corrosion repairs have been carried out on the hull. The entire exterior of the aircraft has been stripped back to the anodize. This aircraft is a FAA registered Standard Catagory. It was a Province of Quebec Canso and they were known for their excellent maintenance and clean airframes.
The Centre Section in very good condition. The hull has been paint stripped and inspected. All major areas of concern have been repaired. These are marked in green on the drawing below. 
There are still areas of corrosion but they are either a simple stringer repair or skins needing replacement. These aspects are in need of attention and the aircraft is a great candidate for full restoration to flight.

Military History:  31 July 1943 - Taken on strength at Eastern Air Command with No. 116 (BR) Squadron in Newfoundland or Nova Scotia, c.1943 to 1944.  Coded "P".  To Clark Ruse Aircraft Limited for repairs on 17 July 1944, back to EAC on 30 September 1944.  Radar, nose gun installed 2 December 1944.  Redesignated as a Mk. 2R (search and rescue configuration) post war.  it had 735:15 hours on 6 January 1948, when it was delivered to de Havilland Canada for modifications.  To Canada Car and Foundry for repairs on 29 September 1949.  It had 789:00 airframe time at this time.  To No. 6 RD for repairs on 6 May 1950.  To de Havilland for JATO installation on 25 August 1950.  To Aircraft Industries Limited on 23 June 1951 for repair to nose gear door and adjacent area. It went back to AIL on 5 January 1953 for repair of "excessive leak" in starboard fuel tank.  It was based at RCAF Station Greenwood, NS by then, with No. 103 Rescue Unit.  To No. 6 RD on 8 May 1953 for repairs, which were completed January 1954.  To AIL on 29 October 1954 for electrical repairs and modifications.  Still on strength with 103 RU in March 1956.  To No. 6 RD on 11 March 1957, for inspection and installation of SARAH radio homing equipment.  To No. 11 Technical Support Unit (Montreal?) on 10 November 1958 for inspection and weighing.  With No. 102 (KU) Composite Unit at RCAF Station Trenton by 3 April 1959.  Stored at No. 6 Repair Depot, Dunnville, Ontario by 23 February 1961.  

Civilian ownership: Sold to Department of Lands and Forests, Province of Quebec.  To civil register as CF-PQK.  Still airworthy with Quebec in 1976. Sold to Foundation Aerovision of St. Hubert, PQ on 1 June 1994, latest Certificate of Registration issued on 18 May 1998 as C-FPQK. Last date: 26 September 1961 - To Crown Assets Disposal Corporation for disposal. Currently registered as N983CF awaiting restoration. 

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Repairs done

For further information please contact Allan on +44(0) 776 993 4646 or email allan@hcas.me.uk