Captain Steve Crocker

Captain Steve Crocker

Stephen is an ATPL holder with 25years of TRI/TRE experience. He also has significant management expertise having operated over 30 SEP and a ME cargo aircraft and corporate jets within Australia. He also setup an international heavy-lift aircraft operation around the Asia Pacific region. 

With a wealth of operational and management experience, Stephen was able to provide accident investigation expertise to major Australian and international aviation insurance firms. Recently Stephen was involved in a number of projects with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority in Australia that included both safety driven projects and the re-writing of Civil Aviation Regulations. Stephen was selected to attend as a member of the prestigious Australian Government Selective Consultative Committee. 

Stephen was appointed as Chief Executive Officer for two of the major Australian aviation organisations. These were the Australian Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) and the Australian Warbirds Association Limited (AWAL).  Stephen revitalised both organisations and left them in 2013 both well structured, with renewed purpose, and financially stronger than when he took over. 

Stephen is a member of HAA and currently providing essential guidance to the SAM Working Group towards the aim of achieving delegated authority for administrative oversight of the U.K. historic aircraft industry.

Swansea Airport

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Allan Vogel

Allan Vogel


Allan has been in sales for over 20 yrs. He has comprehensive sales and marketing skills. He has a military back ground and served in operations in Southern Africa during the 1980's & 1990's. He is an aviation enthusiast and EASA /UK PPL holder and has been privileged to fly many various types. 


He is one of founding members of the C-54 Skymaster Society who are restoring and returning to flight a US Navy Douglas C-54 Skymaster which served in the Pacific Theater during WW2, Korea and Vietnam. More about this project can be found at -


He is a member of the LAA, & the HAA and has extensive knowledge about operations and maintenance of classic and vintage aircraft. He ventures across the globe in search of rare Warbirds and Classic Aircraft. 

So if you have an interesting aircraft to sell do give him a call and he will be glad to assist you no matter where in the world you are based. 


07769 934646

Randal McFarlane

Randal McFarlane


Following a career in the RAAF and RAN as an air traffic controller, Randal pursued a path in aviation that took him to creating and running ultimately one of the largest regional aviation companies in Australia (Rebel Air, Ok Tedi Air (PNG), Jetcraft, Pearl Aviation, Transtate and MacAir airlines) and General Manager of DC-3 operator Rebel Air.

During this period Randal was the founding President of a number of organizations created to address industry needs including the Overnight Airfreight Operators Assoc., Australian Warbirds Assoc., Regional Airlines Assoc., plus on a number of industry advisory committees including Brisbane Airport, industry training for maintenance engineers as well advisor to a number of overseas manufacturers, including Fairchild Aircraft.


Randal also oversaw the privatization of flight inspection services as the CEO of Pearl Aviation JV with Aerodata of Germany – now AeroPearl.


As a collector, operator and pilot of many warbirds and vintage aircraft Randal has always been passionate about preserving aircraft, particularly in flying condition.

Some of the aircraft he's owned and flown include:


  • North American B-25 Mitchell

  • Douglas A-26 Invader

  • Lockheed P-2 Neptune

  • Grumman TBM-3E Avenger

  • North American AT-6 Harvard

  • Nth American AT-28D Trojan

  • Cessna O-1 and O-2

  • Boeing Stearman

  • Waco EGC-8

  • Stinson L-5

  • Spitfire Mk XIVe

  • Mig15

  • Mig17

Brisbane, Queensland

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