Hunting Percival Jet Provost T5A

Jet Provost T MK5A

Year: 1972


Description: A superb example of a classic Jet Trainer.


Engine: 1 x ROLLS-ROYCE VIPER 20201. The engine installed is a Rolls Royce Viper Mk 20201, Serial Number VL12169 built in Britain and lifed in 1800 hours cycles. The engine hours are currently 1461.00 TSO. 

Avionics Fitted: Marconi PTR1751 UHF/VHF Com,Decca RV1671 VHF Navigation , Decca RM671 Marker Receiver , Decca RD671 M-3 Glide Path Receiver , Cossor SSR 2100/1 Transponder , S G Brown B691/17 Radio Control Box/HF , Decca AVQ 75 D.M.E .


Fatigue information: AAN25238 from 10/01/96 & pg3 gives a formula. The current F.I @ 12/05/15 is 86.557

Price: £25k