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Hawker Hunter Mk.58A G-PSST Miss Demeanour SOLD

We are delighted to be able to add this famous aeroplane to our listings - one of the finest airworthy classic jets in the World!

Miss Demeanour has been flown by Jonathon Whaley for the past fifteen years on the air show circuit in the UK, Europe and Abu Dhabi.


Miss Demeanour has a large following at displays and is in increasing demand, one of the reasons Jonathon is selling her.


For the past ten years, she has been operated profitably on the air show circuit over and above all operating costs, probably the only warbird let alone Jet warbird, in the world to do so.

Manufacturers Serial Number: 41HR/HABL003115 (Swiss Air Force service number J-4104)


Status: The aircraft is currently not fully serviceable because it requires an Annual Inspection. The installed engine is now time expired and will require the new owner to fit the new engine and carry out the annual.

Airframe Hours: 1,927

Airframe Fatigue Index: 88.155 At the fatigue rate used in the past 15 years flying full aerobatic airshows, 20 or more years remaining.


Engine: Avon 207 10,150 Lbs Thrust (not to be confused with the small engine Hunters with Avon 100 series only 6,500 Lbs thrust). The installed engine is near the end of its life but an unused (zero hours used) with full 600 Hours life remaining,

to be installed and flight tested before sale. The installed engine may be overhauled for re-use. Onboard electric start.


Supplementary Details:

  • Swiss Air Force aluminium Drop Tanks 100 Imp Gal & 150 Imp Gal.

  • O2 capacity doubled.

  • 2 off Sidewinder mounts (Swiss)

  • 5 off Swiss brake chutes

  • 6 off tyres in as new condition

  • Spare set of wheels with tyres

  • Various main Oleos and parts in various states


Documentation: UK military type Form700 specifically designed for operating Miss Demeanour and used since leaving Swiss Air Force. Records all flights, serviceability and maintenance carried out. Flight Reference Cards (FRCs) specifically for Miss Demeanour.



  • Garmin G500

  • GNS530W Com 1 & Nav 1 (ILS not tested)

  • Becker AR6201 (as Com2)

  • 2 off Becker CU6401-1-(01) Mode s Class 1 Transponders with

  • 2 off Trans-Cal SSD120-50NE-RS232 Blind encoders (-1000 to 50,000 feet)

  • Power supply and mount for a second GPS (Garmin Aera, not for sale)


Also included:

Included in the sale is the airframe and engine from Swiss Air Force J4083 (S/N 41H-697450). J4083 is not suitable for restoration to a flying state without considerable work, which will include getting airframe details from the Swiss Mil. See image below.

The log books were stolen. Sadly J4083 went through a chain of uncaring owners.


Mounts for external video cameras and the cameras (1xGo-Pro and 3 x Contour-HD)


Asking Price: POA- with an additional £25k for a fresh annual.

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