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Beech Model 18

This aircraft has been in current ownership since April 2002 when it was purchased from the Prop Shop Duxford airfield.

Fordair has looked after this aircraft for nearly two years. The owner is a fastidious client wanting the aircraft to be well maintained.


Although the aircraft is shown as a 1952 aircraft it was built before this date and released for USAF service; we believe about 1938/39. On release from military service is was re-manufactured by Beechcraft to civil specifications and released onto the civil market as a new aircraft. We are not aware that this aircraft has ever been used within a war theatre. IE far East or Middle East during the war years.


Component hours can be found below. All air directives and service bulletins are up-to-date. The aircraft is in reasonable and generally original internal condition and has had a recent repaint.


The aircraft internal layout is Pilot and co-pilot plus 5 civil reclining passenger seats with a large baggage area in the rear plus a smaller baggage area in the nose. Fuel is the standard main wing tanks plus the auxiliary wing tanks and a further (optional) tank within the nose of the aircraft giving it a useful range and speed dependant on engine setting of about 180 Knts although a more economical power setting will still return 150 Knts. Range with the additional tank will be nearly 1000 Nm with reserves.


Avionics are old but working. It would need a mode "S" transponder and at least one radio changed to 8.33 spacing.


Airframe hours: 12099 Hours 25 minutes       


Port Engine hours: 391 Hours 25 minutes

Prop hours: 15 Hours 40 minutes

Starboard Engine hours: 363 Hours 05 Minutes           

Prop hours: 15 Hours 40 minutes

Update: The aeroplane has just had a new 8.33 KHz radio installed and a new mode S transponder. 

Annual inspection to CAA/LAMP/A/2007 & MS/B3TM/013/P maintenance schedule


  • Manufacturer’s additional requirements checked for compliance

  • Time limited task and component record sheet checked

  • Radio annual inspection carried out. Transponder U/S pending repair or replacement.

  • Flight manual checked p/n 404-001164

  • Aircraft checked to TCDS A-765 revision 76

  • Batteries capacity checked and found “satis”

  • Engine bays cleaned

  • Engine controls lubricated

  • Complete airframe protected using ACF-50

  • Starboard CHT gauges inspected, broken wire Starboard instrument repaired

  • Port CHT loose terminal on sender tightened

  • New instrument lighting rheostat switch fitted

  • New compass fitted, compass check swing carried out

  • Oil temperature gauges show different temperatures. Resistance found on port earth circuit, cleaned

  • Fuel selector placard made and fitted

  • New port & starboard main-wheel bearings fitted

  • Brakes stripped and cleaned

  • New landing gear warning horn fitted. Full retract tests carried out.

  • Service bulletins complied with: 1785 (visual insp),  1787 (visual insp.)

  • Air Directives complied with: 77-19-07, 78-10-01, 78-08-07

  • General regulations complied with: GR-15

  • EASA bi-weekly: 13/2016     CAP 747 issue 3 to: 2014/02  FAA Bi-weekly: 2016/13   Other: None

  • Deferred defects In accordance with AMC MA403 (d) None

Price: £145,000

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